Observation Skills Are A Leader’s Best Friend

Observation Skills Are A Leader’s Best Friend‍

What Are Observation Skills? What Role Do They Play In A Leader’s Life?

The Benefits Of Having Observation Skills

Better communication

Improved emotional intelligence

Critical thinking

More attention to detail

What Do Great Leaders Observe?

  • Patterns, trends, synchronicities, and dissonances
  • Body language
  • The interplay between team members or divisions
  • Mood and energy levels at a particular meeting
  • Language, habits, and cultural markers in their organization
  • What lights their people up–and conversely what leaves them flat

How To Improve Your Observation Skills As A Leader

  1. Look for details
  1. Avoid distractions
  1. Slow down
  1. Talk less, listen more
  1. Proactively observe yourself
  1. Practice civil discourse
  1. Keep an observation journal
  1. Quantify things as you notice them



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Milan Kordestani

Founder of 3 impact-first companies actively driving organizations to produce socially positive externalities through a mindset of social architecture.