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  • Jereshia Hawk

    Jereshia Hawk

    Business Coach & Consultant | Helping experts launch ethical high ticket group coaching programs | Podcast Host — Jereshia Said | IG: @jereshiahawk

  • Courtney River

    Courtney River

    Over-educated and under-qualified. Figuring out things as I go.

  • LaRae Quy

    LaRae Quy

    Former counterintelligence FBI agent | Mental Toughness Center | Consultant | Speaker | Author: Secrets of A Strong Mind, & Mental Toughness for Women Leaders

  • Tiago Camacho

    Tiago Camacho

    MSc, PhD · Senior UX Designer@SEEK

  • Emmanuella Ben-Eboh

    Emmanuella Ben-Eboh

    I’ve been pondering a lot on the concept of “Why.” Why do we do?And I’ve discovered that the more I question, the more I give opportunities for answers.

  • Tom Swoope

    Tom Swoope

    Entrepreneur and Podcaster

  • Phumza Dyani SHE-UNLEASHED

    Phumza Dyani SHE-UNLEASHED

    A Marketer, with an absolute passion for new challenges. An advocate for inclusive societies and work places. Love for Technology and innovation.



    Somewhere sipping coffee, listening to lofi-hip-hop, and hoping my writing captivates the hearts of creators so they can maximise their potential and impact.

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